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24 Eylül 2011 Cumartesi

The Truth About Comet Elenin

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NASA Scientist, Dr. David Morrison, answers questions from the public about comet Elenin.

The paper purports to show that astronomical alignments, particularly that of Elenin, are the proximal cause of earthquakes of magnitude 6 or stronger.

Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity
Abstract: I here demonstrate empirically my georesonator concept in which tidally induced magnification of Earth masses' resonance causes seismicity. To that end, I show that all strong (~M6+) earthquakes of 2010 occurred during the Earth's long (t > 3 day) astronomical alignments within our solar system. I then show that the same holds true for all very strong (~M8+) earthquakes of the decade of 2000's. Finally, the strongest (M8.6+) earthquakes of the past century are shown to have occurred during the Earth's multiple long alignments, whereas half of the high-strongest (M9+) ones occurred during Full Moon. I used the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), as it has been adding to robustness in terms of very strong seismicity since 2007 (in terms of strongest seismicity: since 1965). The Elenin will continue intensifying the Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011. Approximate forecast of earthquakes based on my discoveries is feasible. This demonstration proves my hyperresonator concept, arrived at earlier as a mathematical-physical solution to the most general extension of the georesonator concept possible.
You know about the massive underground facilities under the Denver airport and the other side of the cities in USA  and Russia have invested fortunes into new underground shelters, as the soil of the Earth itself can provide the best shelter for most catastrophes, deep below the surface, thats must be the reason why the government is secretly construction those tunnels. To prove my idea I suggested you to watch the below video. Brooks Agnew, author and host of X-squared radio, tells us why we should care.

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